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Display Solutions

Display technology has truly transformed visual storytelling. LED Display Video Walls, Interactive Panels, Professional Displays, Mirror TV & Digital Kiosks are part of the Display Technology.

LED Display Video Walls - An LED video wall is a massive screen stretching edge to edge on a wall, displaying a spectacular panoramic view. Such display screens can be installed both outdoors on building facades as well as indoors. A high-resolution LED digital display, LED Wall or Video Wall is a strong and versatile communication tool. The display screens have been revolutionized LED display screens by presenting a vastly improved viewing experience.

Interactive Panels – An interactive panel is an all-in-one device that looks like a large, flat-panel TV and enables the connection of multiple devices to the interactive panel like a tablet or a phone wirelessly or via a micro USB to HDMI cable. Ultra-slim bezel, Ultra-large vision, Ultra-sharp display 4K Ultra HD large display with ultra-slim bezel on double sides deliver wider vision and better immersive experience. Anti-glare technology assures the sharpness of imagines even in a bright environment.

Professional Displays - Professional displays are generally designed to be used in a commercial environment. Digital Signage is one of the most successful ways of Professional Display to raise brand awareness and drive sales as proven by research that 55% of people looking at digital signage actually remember what they see, so ensure the display is professional. Professional Displays can be controlled remotely, usually via RS232 or Ethernet, and allows various displays from one central location. The quality of the display and electronics are generally better than the lower-priced consumer panels. Professional displays often incorporate or have an option to add a touch overlay to make the display interactive.

Mirror TV - Mirror TV is a screen placed behind a semi-transparent mirror that looks just like a plain mirror when the screen is off and the screen is seen when it's on. Due to this disappearing feature, it's also called Magic Mirror TV often. 

Digital Kiosks - The prime function of a kiosk is for branding and self-promotion offering a platform for both information and other services, simplifying interactions with the customers. The common features of a digital kiosk would be software and the digital interface. Digital kiosks typically include a touch screen and the quality of the touch screen’s interface will vary depending on the kiosk’s base software.

Amazant Technologies is attuned with a broad range of customers across a varied category of applications to identify, design, manufacture, deliver and support complete display solutions with unique capabilities, deep technology expertise and unmatched reach deliver the customers in-time and on-budget. With the expertise display technology know-how, Amazant Technologies can quickly identify and deliver the right display technologies for the customers for your unique application and is the provider of Display Solutions in Hyderabad & India such as LED Display Video Walls in Hyderabad, Interactive Panels in Hyderabad.

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