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    Amazant Technologies is a leading provider of biometric time and attendance systems in Hyderabad. A biometric system is a technological advancement that makes use of records about a person to become aware of that person. Biometric systems rely on specific records about specific biological traits as a way to map them effectively.

A biometric machine will process information via algorithms for a particular result, typically associated with a positive identification of an individual.

We supply high quality, genuine products (hardware & software) from leading and most trusted brands in Hyderabad.

Secureye Biometrics  eSSL Biometrics Mantra Biometrics  Virdi Biometrics  Honeywell  Palm Scanner  Zkteco Biometrics  Vein Scanners  Iris Scanners
 Facial Recognition  Voice Recognition  Access Control Systems 

Single Door & Multi-door

 HID Access Control Systems  In Hyderabad, Amazant is the largest suppliers of Timewatch Biometrics & Timewatch Bio1, Bio3, ATF 395 & ATF 686.


 Most advanced Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal
 AC-7000 is the latest access controller with fake finger detection
 Tilt camera technology automatically detects a face within 3m. Its 5″ touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android Smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience
 IR LED Camera offers user convenience as it detects face even in the dark without any trouble
 Ensuring assurance with double authentication by Dual CPU
 Dual CPU provides fast simultaneous face & fingerprint double authentication
 VoIP support for improved sound quality is provided

   Since its establishment, Amazant Technologies have helped numerous clients in Hyderabad and at the National level as well. We have implemented quality biometric time and attendance systems solutions, and installed significant number of biometric units.

   At Amazant, we also offer our own solutions that are completely customized according to your requirement across attendance management and middleware integration services.


eSSL Biometrics in Hyderabad
Amazant is the most reliable supplier of authentic eSSL Biometrics in Hyderabad. Reach us out today to discuss, analyse and derive a holistic solution that’s customized as per your requirement. We are the largest distributors of eSSL Biometrics in Hyderabad.

We are the largest distributor of ESSL biometric attendance machines in Hyderabad, ESSL X990 in Hyderabad ,Secureye Biometrics in Hyderabad, ESSL Identix K30 in Hyderabad. Essl Uface 302 in Hyderabad.

 ESSL Access Control systems
 Canteen Management Biometrics
 ESSL Uface 602
 ESSL MB 160
 eTimeTrackLite License Key for the existing users
 eSSL Door Access Control System


    With impeccable expertise, strong network and huge customer bases, we have been at the fore front of distributing Time Watch Biometrics in Hyderabad. Amazant Technologies have a well-built professional team and we are dedicated to serving you. We have deployed over 1500+ biometric attendance readers & ZKteco
Biometrics in Hyderabad in various institutions and organizations. We have derived a comprehensive college / institution management information system with Biometrics in which all modules are covered. We undertake every necessary step to ensure that our Biometric Systems and smart card software meets your requirements.

   Our technology enables your students & staff to quickly sign in and sign out with utmost accuracy. The integral report developer makes it easy to retrieve both actual and archived information, and hosts a range of output styles to suit your company’s requirements.

   Our precise position inside the time and attendance industry allows us to uniquely personalize our systems to your necessities and budget, from large, complex, multi-site systems to smaller structures for local businesses.

   At Amazant, we trust that improving and developing algorithms will help enhance not only AI based systems but many other beneficial packages in today’s world.

  The next-gen biometric technology offers a reliable, useful, and genuine way of authenticating/recognizing an individual's distinctiveness with the help of Biometric fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanners are being largely used for enrollment, recognition & confirmation in a variety of situations in which the identity of people is required. Amazant Biometric Fingerprint system offer advanced features, precision,and endurance. Our wide fingerprint scanner devices deliver high degree of security in a consistent way. In Hyderabad and other areas of Telugu states are now utilizing Amazant’s innovative and advanced biometric machines for identifying and authenticating the individuals securely.

  Amazant Technologies deals with extensive variety of high-end and top-notch quality USB and Biometric Finger Print Scanners. Irrespective of scale and stature, we cater your needs whether you have a huge or small team of staff members from 1 to 1,00,000. For large organizations, we provide a wide variety of desktop solutions and for smaller businesses, we can install single wall mounted device.

  We also cater advanced services to help you incorporate Biometric Authentication into various other applications and devices. At Amazant Technologies, we deal with all market leaders and best brands of Biometric attendance systems.

  The tool is developed utilising optical fingerprint generation to precisely apprehend a person. We provide a great platform for portability, flexibility, documentation and security, enabling you to deliver trusted offerings in any region at on-time, every time. Our fingerprint sensor is configured with superior fingerprint scanning sensors to provide extra security. The device is developed with the aid of optical fingerprint capturing system that provides greater quality results.


   Facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or authenticating an individual from a digital picture and comparing with the source in the database. There are various other multiple methods in which facial recognition algorithms work. It is also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence based application which can uniquely identify someone by means of analyzing patterns primarily based at the person's facial textures and shape.

   Amazant Technologies provides a completely automated live-video surveillance facial recognition system. The system generates automated alerts whenever a face match is reached above a user defined probability.

    Our device have an absolutely open & expandable system architecture. Our readers provide greater precision and consistency over conventional facial recognition systems under fluctuating light conditions. The face readers are primarily used in industries because of the simple methodology to take the attendance. Most of the industries prefer Facial Recognition because workers hands are often greasy and it would take more time in detection.

Amazant Technologies deals with wide range of quality Facial Recognition. We are leading suppliers of,

 ESSL UFace 302
 ESSL Uface 602
 ESSL MB 160
 Timewatch ATF 686
 ATF 305

   Facial biometrics is by far the most preferred biometric benchmark. That's due to the fact it's smooth to install and implement. There is no physical interaction required by way of the end-user. Adding another feather into the crown, face detection and face match methodologies for verification and identification are extremely speedy.


   Vein recognition is a method of biometric verification that uses sample-recognition techniques based completely on human finger vein patterns beneath the skin's surface. It matches vascular patterns in an individual's finger to previously acquired data. The haemoglobin in your blood carries oxygen and when it's transported from your lungs to the tissues by means of your arteries via few arteries this oxygen will be released. Vein sample recognition uses this distinction between deoxidised and oxygenated haemoglobin. Deoxidised haemoglobin absorbs infrared light, making the vein sample visible in case you use a scanner to light up with infrared light. Every person has a unique vein sample in their palm. Reference points in the sample can consequently be saved and the sample may be used as an identification and authentication.

   PalmSecure is a leading-edge authentication device that authenticates individuals based on vein pattern recognition in contrast to the conventional iris scanners or fingerprint readers. As veins are internal and have a host of differentiating features, it is extremely difficult to forge an identity. Therefore, this technology enables high end protection.

   Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically verify and track tags attached to objects without any human intervention. An RFID tag includes a small transponder, a receiver and a transmitter. When stimulated with an electromagnetic pulse from a nearby RFID reader, the tag transmits digital data, to identify inventory number & transmit back to the reader. RFID methods make use of radio waves to accomplish this. At an easy level, RFID systems consist of 3 components: an RFID tag or a label, a reader, and an antenna. RFID tags include an integrated circuit and an antenna, that are used to send out statistics to the RFID reader. The reader then transfers the radio waves to amplify the signal which can be read in a better form. Information collected from the tags is then transferred through a chain of communication system, where the information can be stored in a database and analyzed. The best part of RFID tag is that statistics may be read outside the line-of-sight, while barcodes ought to be aligned with an optical scanner. There are applications where RFID Technology can be used and leveraged to improvise efficiency of the overall system.

 Inventory Administration
 Counterfeit Deterrence
 Asset Tracking
 Personnel Tracking
 Controlling Access to Restricted Areas
 ID Badging
 Supply Chain Management

Amazant Technologies deals with wide range of hand held and mains readers, OEM boards and transponders. We provide complete hardware and software solutions for

 Access control
 Patrol Management
 Maintenance Verification


  One of the major issues to any business is the element of protection. Installation of the reliable gadget performs a critical function in assuring maximum security, both internally and externally. Access Control Systems manages the access of an individual into the facilities and allows entry to an authorized person only. Amazant Technologies presents a comprehensive device to secure and stabilize your premises, assets, facilities and data. Biometric Access Control machine authenticates and authorizes an individual based totally upon his/her physiological traits or attributes and then permits him/her to
enter the place or zone. The Biometric Access Control device guarantees extra safety of the premises and proves to be extensive in monitoring the vital assets or facilities of your enterprise or organization.


  The top notch quality of our biometric access control system is getting better over the course of time. During the past 10 years things have changed to a considerable extent. Today Biometric System have become reliable owing to the advancement in technology. Recent upgradations in hardware through higher optical readers and improved software have progressed the accuracy and speed of biometric matching exponentially without much increase in the price of the device.


We are the most trusted suppliers of the leading brands in Hyderabad and other regions of Telugu states as well.
 eSSL
 Fingertec Biometrics
 Suprema Biometrics
 Virdi Biometrics
 Timewatch
 ZKTeco


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