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Biometric System

Amazant Technologies is a leading provider of Biometric Systems in Hyderabad. A biometric system is a technological advancement that makes use of records about a person to become aware of that person. Biometric systems rely on specific records about specific biological traits as a way to map them effectively. A biometric machine will process information via algorithms for a particular result, typically associated with positive identification of an individual.

We supply high quality, genuine products (hardware & software) from leading and most trusted brands in Hyderabad:

  • Secureye Biometrics
  • eSSL Biometrics
  • Mantra Biometrics
  • Honeywell
  • Zkteco Biometrics
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Access Control Systems:
    • Single Door
    • Multi-door
  • HID Access Control Systems   


In Hyderabad, Amazant is the largest suppliers of Timewatch Biometrics & Timewatch Bio1, Bio3, ATF 395 & ATF 686.

  • Most advanced Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal
  • AC-7000 is the latest access controller with fake finger detection
  • Tilt camera technology automatically detects a face within 3m. Its 5″ touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android Smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience
  • IR LED Camera offers user convenience as it detects face even in the dark without any trouble
  • Ensuring assurance with double authentication by Dual CPU
  • Dual CPU provides fast simultaneous face & fingerprint double authentication
  • VoIP support for improved sound quality is provided.

Since its establishment, Amazant Technologies has helped numerous clients in Hyderabad and at the National level as well. We have implemented quality biometric time and attendance systems solutions and installed a significant number of biometric units.

At Amazant, we also offer our own solutions that are completely customized according to your requirement across attendance management and middleware integration services.

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