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Biometric Access Control System

One of the major issues to any business is the element of protection. Installation of the reliable gadget performs a critical function in assuring maximum security, both internally and externally. Access Control Systems manages the access of an individual into the facilities and allows entry to an authorized person only. Amazant Technologies presents a comprehensive device to secure and stabilize your premises, assets, facilities and data. Biometric Access Control machine authenticates and authorizes an individual based totally upon his/her physiological traits or attributes and then permits him/her to enter the place or zone. The Biometric Access Control device guarantees extra safety of the premises and proves to be extensive in monitoring the vital assets or facilities of your enterprise or organization.


The top-notch quality of our biometric access control system is getting better over the course of time. During the past 10 years things have changed to a considerable extent. Today Biometric System has become reliable owing to the advancement in technology. Recent upgradations in hardware through higher optical readers and improved software have progressed the accuracy and speed of biometric matching exponentially without much increase in the price of the device.


We are the most trusted suppliers of the leading brands in Hyderabad and other regions of Telugu states as well.

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  • Timewatch
  • ZKTeco 

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