With impeccable expertise, strong network and huge customer bases, we have been at the fore front of distributing Time Watch Biometrics in Hyderabad. Amazant Technologies have a well-built professional team and we are dedicated to serving you. We have deployed over 1500+ biometric attendance readers & ZKteco

Biometrics in Hyderabad in various institutions and organizations. We have derived a comprehensive college / institution management information system with Biometrics in which all modules are covered. We undertake every necessary step to ensure that our Biometric Systems and smart card software meets your requirements.

Our technology enables your students & staff to quickly sign in and sign out with utmost accuracy. The integral report developer makes it easy to retrieve both actual and archived information, and hosts a range of output styles to suit your company’s requirements.

Our precise position inside the time and attendance industry allows us to uniquely personalize our systems to your necessities and budget, from large, complex, multi-site systems to smaller structures for local businesses.

At Amazant, we trust that improving and developing algorithms will help enhance not only AI based systems but many other beneficial packages in today’s world.

Do You Need Any AMC For CCTV & Biometric Repair Or Maintenance?

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