Face Recognition

Face Recognition

   Facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or authenticating an individual from a digital picture and comparing with the source in the database. There are various other multiple methods in which facial recognition algorithms work. It is also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence based application which can uniquely identify someone by means of analyzing patterns primarily based at the person's facial textures and shape.

  Amazant Technologies provides a completely automated live-video surveillance facial recognition system. The system generates automated alerts whenever a face match is reached above a user defined probability.

  Our device have an absolutely open & expandable system architecture. Our readers provide greater precision and consistency over conventional facial recognition systems under fluctuating light conditions. The face readers are primarily used in industries because of the simple methodology to take the attendance. Most of the industries prefer Facial Recognition because workers hands are often greasy and it would take more time in detection.

  Amazant Technologies deals with wide range of quality Facial Recognition. We are leading suppliers of,
 ESSL UFace 302   ESSL Uface 602   ESSL MB 160  Timewatch ATF 686  ATF 305

  Facial biometrics is by far the most preferred biometric benchmark. That's due to the fact it's smooth to install and implement. There is no physical interaction required by way of the end-user. Adding another feather into the crown, face detection and face match methodologies for verification and identification are extremely speedy.

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