Biometric &Time Attendance

AMAZANT is a pioneer in the field of Biometric software solutions in India for access control and time attendance. AMAZANT aims at introducing not just the technological innovation and prowess but a range of biometric products to customize & redefine workspaces through the best office automation and security solutions. It has a range of fingerprint based biometric products and software solutions with a wide spectrum of functionality, interoperability and scope for customization. A quality website offering time attendance systems and biometric access control systems online now at affordable prices. All information on software solutions online in India.



Inbuilt RFID Card reader

Unique fingerprint positioning design

Texas Instruments 32 bit high speed CPU

User name display & voice prompt

Auto Update of fingerprint

Easy TCP/IP connectivity

USB Plug & Play connection & USB Pen drive download

16 different customizable time and attendance status

6-digit work code to calculate different job cost

Inbuilt Battery Backup upto 5 hours

Do you need any requirement for electrical repair or maintenance?

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