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Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has made extensive investments in networking and IT infrastructure to set up a multi-homed high-capacity IP backbone that ensures maximum availability at the nodes. Redundant lines allow the cities to have multiple alternative paths in case any of the main links fail. Basis these, TTL are the most preferred Total Communications Provider to many enterprises

Now, your every communication and IT requirement have an appropriate solution that will enable your business to rapidly grow.

Internet Leased Line Connection

Ensure sustained performance with dedicated internet connectivity.

  • Dedicated Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Symmetric bandwidth (same upload & download speeds)
  • 99.5% uptime commitment
  • Converged Core Network
  • Supporting Dual Stack
  • IPv6 Ready
PRI Voice Solution

Industry first SLA- backed landline solution which delivers up to 30 voice channels on a single link.

  • A direct incoming number for each extension
  • Scalable with multiples of 30 channels
  • Cost-effective & dependable solution
  • Merging with single Pilot number
  • 99.5% uptime commitment
Toll Free Services With SLA
  • Self-care portal to manage routing change view and Downloading Reports
  • Single Number across the Country started form 1800 & 1860
  • 24*7 operation to increase your sales and services 
  • Allows you attend calls from anywhere in the Country 
  • Expand Market Reach and enhance your customer experience
  • Gain Competitive advantage with best customer service 
SIP Trunk Support business scalability with up to 1500 voice on single Link
  • Channel upgrades &downgrades in multiples of 10
  • Single physical link terminated on Ethernet port
  • IP based voice service ensures faster connectivity.
  • No hardware like PRI cards for channel upgrade
  • IP PBX, that is used with SIP Trunk can be easily accessed & managed remotely by customer

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An innovative solution that gives your business access to Voice, Data, Storage and Apps, all in a single box.

  • Integrated voice and data solutions
  • Wi-Fi, PBX, LAN & Cloud services
  • Award-winning solution
  • Zero CAPEX- device worth Rs. 1 Lakh* free
  • No additional cost of Router, Wi Fi, EPABX
  • Single box for ILL & SIP Trunk with SLA
    • Single Box for Multiple Office Landline (SIP TRUNK) and ILL (Internet leased Line) connectivity on Single Cable
    • Services offering on Fiber, Copper & UBR Last Mile.
    • IP enabled box with interoperability with analog phones via using a gateway.
    •  Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Firewall, Router and DHCP services.
    • Plug and play box with Web based GUI for change configurations.
    • The offering solution is Managed
MPLS VPN Service
  • MPLS VPN-Connect your business networks, sites from anywhere including remote locations.
  • 128-bit data encryption
  • Dedicated–1:1 contention
  • Symmetric (same upload/download speeds) 
  • Multiple, scalable bandwidth options
  • IPv6 enabled
  • Internet VPN- A unique way to offer MPLS VPN connectivity on customer own Internet Connection as a last mile.
  • Secure Connect-A private network extension to your cloud service provider AWS, AZURE, Google, IBM 
  • MPLS on 4G/LTE- SIM based Last mile for MPLS, Option of Sim Bonding to Increase bandwidth up to 6 MBPS.
  • Remote Access-Enabled form work From Home
Virtual Firewall security

Secure your business with an advanced next generation virtual firewall solution.

  • Rapid service deployment of 3
  • 4 days versus 3-4 weeks required for a hardware appliance
  • URL Policy Control App to align to your unique business requirements
  • Outsourced firewall lifecycle and license management to reduce OpEx
  • Centralized managed portal for greater control of enabled security services
  • Ideal for SMEs to Large Enterprise
  • Firewall offerings for all customer segments in two product solutions (Dedicated Firewall ,Multi-Tenanted Firewall)
  • DOT Approved Provider Provisioned VPN
  • L3 interface mode, 
  • Stateful inspection NAT/PAT
  • Application identity control
  • User identity control
  • Security policies and firewall rules management
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, DDoS protection, File blocking, Data filtering
  • TLS inspection, IPS/IDS, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering
Email security

Make your Emails Safe. Block spam, virus, malware, phishing & impersonation attacks

  • Reputation Filtering
  • Domain Verification- SPF, DKIM&DMARC Verification
  • Anti-Spam- Multi-Verdict scanning
  • Anti-Virus- Block 100% of known viruses
  • Advanced Malware Protection- SHA based file blocking
  • Inbound Marketing Detection- Control
  • marketing, social and bulk
  • Content Filtering Business & Security Rules
  • Advanced Image Control- Image
  • classification and filtering
  • Malicious URL Protection- Detect and
  • Block Malicious URLs
  • Adv. Phishing Protection-Whaling and
  • spear phishing protection
  • Data Loss Prevention- Inspect sensitive content
  • Envelope Encryption- Protect Sensitive Data
  • Domain Protection- Outbound DKIM
Multifactor Authentication

Create a second layer of user authentication through a soft push

  • Users, devices and apps are everywhere; only right users & healthy devices get access
  • Enable multiple option for users for ease of use and flexibility soft/hard token, push, U2F etc.
  • Establish trust for every access request, regardless of where the request is coming from
  • Instantly integrates with all apps, Enroll Users Easily at Scale, Users authenticate in seconds
Web Security

Eliminate online threats when you visit websites

  • Offers Realtime protection and thorough enforcement of web usage policies
  • Provides complete visibility into internet activity across all devices, users and locations
  • Fast identification of infected devices and prevention of data exfiltration
  • Powerful pre-configured policies, essential testing and service verification
Endpoint Security

Best protection when you access the internet or cloud apps via PCs, MACs or smart phones

  • Centralized visibility and control so you can see what's going on in your business
  • Proactively stop threats before they reach your business with Trend Micro™ Smart Protection
  • High fidelity machine learning to for greater threat detection that doesn’t slow your PC
  • Scheduled email reports on policy violations and device status
Smart Hosted PBX

No delivery of physical circuits required at customer location

  • Scalable-License are scalable from 50 to 500 numbers within a short period
  • Zero Capex on expansion of Agent Licenses
  • Call Monitoring-Manage the incomplete and unsuccessful calls from the customers and have a monitoring and call back functionality. This will quickly connect with the available agents and patch with the customers
  • Call Recording- Monitor the performance of individual agents by keeping a track on the conversations, improve the quality of response to customers with efficient training provisions
  • Reporting-Real-time reports and visualization dashboards that will help in business decision making and ensure high efficiency of the call center operations
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